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Mapping Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong has been in Vancouver for much of the past two weeks, as a key figure at SFU’s 12 Days of Compassion. I’ve been a big fan of Karen Armstrong since I read her books “A History of God” and “The Gospel According to Woman” some years ago. And I was privileged to hear her speak at the 2009 Peace Summit in Vancouver, along with the Dalai Lama and other notables.

So imagine my thrill when I was asked to graphically record a talk she was giving at an academic symposium on “Working Compassion” earlier this week! Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. You can see the charts below.

Even more excitement later in the week: Kristin Miller, editor of the Charter for Compassion website in New York, called me to say she’d like to use my images on their website and write a profile about me to go with them. Well, who’s going to say no to an offer like that?? So a couple of days later I found myself having a delightful chat with Kristin, and sure enough, I wound up on their website! I’m beyond thrilled, and am happy to share the link with you here: She Sees What You’re Saying: Avril Orloff’s Compassionate World

Karen-AM Panel

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