I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be teaching a new course this coming spring through UBC Continuing Studies, in collaboration with my amazing colleague Stina Brown! This course, Visual Facilitation, will take a somewhat different approach from The Artful Visual Facilitator, which had a great run for several years but, well…ran its course (yeah, yeah, pun intended). While we will introduce the concept and basic skills of graphic recording, Visual Facilitation is not intended as a comprehensive graphic recording training. Rather, it’s designed for coaches, facilitators, managers and leaders who want to add visual skills to their palette of techniques and bring a more holistic and creative approach to their work with groups.

Stina and I are currently developing the curriculum for the course, so I can’t give a full outline of the program here. But here is the overview we wrote for the UBC catalogue, which gives you a pretty good picture of what we’ll be covering:

Visual Facilitation

Giving visual form to ideas and information increases clarity, heightens engagement, stimulates creativity, and builds connection. In this collaborative and experiential workshop you will expand your visual literacy, learning the why, what, how and when of using visuals, both with groups and as a tool for personal development.

Through a combination of presentations, case studies, dialogue and hands-on practice, we will explore the field of visual practice, the skills for thinking and communicating with images, and the contexts in which these skills can be applied. Working with your own real-world cases, you will learn readily applicable visual facilitation techniques to help groups clarify thinking, create shared understanding and deepen trust, and emerge with a palette of skills and tools that you can immediately apply in your own context.

In this course you will learn:

  • Core skills including active listening, drawing, lettering, colour and composition
  • How to use visual metaphors to translate complex ideas into simple and effective images
  • A variety of visual frameworks and processes – how and when to use them
  • How to create standard and customized visual tools and templates
  • Facilitating creative engaged meetings and processes using graphic templates
  • Ways to employ visual techniques to achieve strategic outcomes

Dates: March 24-25, 2017 – 9am-4pm

Fee: $960, including course materials

Registration is open and we already have some students enrolled! The course will be capped at 20 students, so register early to avoid disappointment. 


Avril is the whole package: graphic recorder extraordinaire; able to translate individual and group contributions into powerful visual maps, metaphors, concepts and creative illustrations that bring life to sessions results long after they are over; committed to participants’ active engagement in using visuals in meetings; a truly deep listener; and the most approachable, insightful, talented and all around fun person you’d ever want to work with!

Myriam Laberge – Founder, Masterful Facilitation Institute and Principal, Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc.