Drawing out your best thinking. Literally.

Have you ever been to a meeting that made your heart sing? One where everyone was fully engaged and present, ideas came alive, creativity flowed, and the whole group moved forward by leaps and bounds? It felt great, didn’t it?

Sadly, those meetings are rare. More often the word “meeting” fills us with dread, conjuring images of eye-glazing blah-blah and death by bullet point in oxygen-poor boardrooms.

Home_cwThe world doesn’t need more dreadful meetings. What it does need is groups of energized, inspired people working creatively together to surface great ideas, untangle complex issues, and effect meaningful change. And have a great time doing it!

My mission in life is to make fabulous meetings the norm rather than the exception. And I do that by using one of the oldest practices in the world: Visual thinking.

Why visual thinking? Well, for starters, most of us – over 80% – are visual thinkers. (Yes, 80%. No wonder our wordy meetings often don’t get the results we want.) Giving visual form to people’s ideas increases clarity, heightens engagement, and stimulates creativity. Seeing their words take shape makes people feel heard and valued, which increases trust and reduces conflict. The result? Meetings that engage people’s hearts and heads, that are both productive and fun, and that literally draw out the best in everyone.

And isn’t that the kind of meeting you want?