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When one door closes…

When one door closes…

Well, our Advanced Visual Facilitation course never happened. And alas, it isn’t going to – at least, not at UBC. Nor will we be offering any further courses through UBC Extended Learning. Not because our workshops weren’t valued – indeed, they were hugely popular...

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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Avril Orloff for almost 15 years. I have worked with many visual facilitators around the world, and Avril is always my first choice as a collaborative partner. The quality of her work is obvious when you see it. And behind that work is an energy, a spirit, and a passion for collaboration and the co-creative process. Her thoughtfulness, willingness to always go the extra mile, and commitment to thinking together on behalf of what will be best in a given situation is not only a joy but provides value that defies words. I am honoured to know Avril as a colleague, collaborator, teacher and friend.

– Charles Holmes
Connector for Change, CE Holmes Consulting Inc.

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