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Paved with good intentions…

That would be “the road to hell”. The one that’s paved with good intentions, according to the proverb. Ahem.

I started this blog with the very best of intentions, something over a year and a half ago. I was going to post regularly. OK, at least once a month. By my blogging standards, that’s regular. I made a list of topics I was going to share my thoughts about. They were interesting! They were worthwhile! Some of them even related to my work! I’m sure you would have found them enjoyable to read. I might even have found them enjoyable to write.

But life intervened, the days turned into weeks and then months, and…yikes…the last post I wrote wished you happy new year. In January 2014. Oops.

So I’m writing this very short post simply in order to push “Happy New Year 2014” off the home page of my website and spare myself further embarrassment at being so publicly out of date. And I’m hoping it will spur me to write at least once in awhile. Because I really do have some thoughts I want to share on various topics, and I created this blog as the space to do just that.

But I’m going to refrain from making rash promises. I’ll just say: stay tuned. You might see something new here before the end of 2015. You might not. And if you don’t – well, at least no one can accuse me of flooding their inbox. That’s gotta be worth something in this age of information overload, right?

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