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Hi, I’m Avril!

Here are some things about me that I think are more interesting and relevant than a list of credentials if you’re considering working with me.

Relationships are my alpha and omega.

Whether I’m facilitating a meeting, hosting a dinner, travelling to a new place, or getting active for a cause, it all boils down to relationships. Because relationships are everything, and nothing works well without them. If you don’t believe me, just look at what happens in the world when relationships break down. … Yeah. You see what I mean. So. Relationships first. Everything else follows.

I’m deeply serious about fun.

Who says we need to leave fun at the office door? Not me! On the contrary: I believe we need to ramp up play in the workplace. Because apart from being a Good Thing in itself, when we’re playing – i.e. having fun – we’re happy, creative, and fully engaged. In flow. That’s when the magic happens – and when we get the best stuff done.

Improv rules.

I bring the spirit and methods of improv to everything I do. Because improv is all about being in the moment, seeing the possibility in that moment, and opening up to the unexpected Next. It’s the spirit of “yes, and”: Yes – this is happening. And – what can we do with it … together? Because it’s also all about “together.” (See also: deeply serious fun.)

Uncertainty? Ambiguity? Complexity?

Bring ‘em on. They’re my natural habitat. I know the terrain – and I love it. It’s the fertile ground where everything is still possible and new futures lie in wait. Want to wrestle these things into submission? I can’t help you. Want to navigate the possibilities? Let’s dive in together!

I host hospitable space.

Hospitality isn’t a word you hear much nowadays unless it’s sandwiched between “the” and “industry.” I’d like to bring it back to its original meaning of receiving guests in a friendly, generous way and making people feel welcome and cared for. Hospitality has always been a core value of mine, and I go the extra mile to cultivate it in every space I host.

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