a workplace where your meetings were filled with joy

Here’s the Secret

The key to a genius workplace isn’t more productivity – it’s trust, creativity and joy.

(Productivity is the by-product!)

Of course, outcomes are important. But a relentless focus on the endgame cuts us off from the avenues that will get us there: our curiosity, our creativity, our relationships, our humanity.

Let me help you bring magic to your gatherings.

I use a full suite of creative processes to design gatherings that make your team’s hearts sing—gatherings that delight the soul, and supercharge the creativity, initiative and mutual trust of your team.

This is the kind of magic that powers successful teams and great organizations. It’s the magic that helps you achieve the best kind of productivity: productivity that is grounded in care, commitment and genuine connection.

Are you ready?


what happens when ideas come alive, creativity abounds, and the whole group moves forward with purpose and joy.




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Avril brings the worlds of art, community building, and facilitation together in a special and unique way. Her visual skills add depth and focus to what others are speaking, her presence in the room makes it a safer and warmer space, her own ideas and engagement always move the action forward. She is a good friend to us all and a very special talent and human being. She also sings pretty good.

– Peter Block
Author: Community: The Structure of Belonging; The Answer to How is Yes

Over the past sixteen years I have had the pleasure of working with numerous talented graphic facilitators. However, Avril‘s capacity to capture not only the essence of the intelligence in the room, but the strategic nature of that intelligence toward the project we were working on, was beyond anything I’d experienced before. Her graphic facilitation helped us at every turn of the project to see the emerging strategic thinking in our work together. It was like having a third active facilitator in the room.

– Phil Cass, PhD, Organizational Consultant

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Compendium of Delight

A curated collection of fun & interesting tidbits delivered at irregular intervals.

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